Trigger Finger

Posted 4/19/2017

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Trigger finger is a disease of the flexor tendons of the hand. The flexor tendons are the tendons that help you to make a fist.

These tendons travel through a series of pulleys almost like a sheath in the fingers. As those tendons become irritated, they can swell or the sheath itself can shrink down creating a mismatching size between the tendon and the sheath. This can cause pain, clicking and locking.

Some diseases are associated with trigger finger, including diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, acute traumas, or repetitive injuries can cause it as well. Clicking or locking in the fingers, pain in the palm, or pain extending up the forearm can be associated as well.

We try to keep people out of surgery when possible, so we try to manage conservatively with injections at first, but if these fail then a small surgical procedure under local anesthesia usually does the trick. 

Dr. Merrick is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in disorders of the hand and general plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. His goal is to help every patient find solutions to their health and wellness concerns. Dr. Merrick has offices in Eau Claire, Cumberland, Hayward, Ladysmith, and Shell Lake.

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