Skin Tyte Technology

Posted 5/2/2017

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Skin Tyte is a new technology that we have that uses heat or infrared light to create a tightness of collagen that as we age, has begun to relax a little bit like an uncoiled spring. The heat actually helps to tighten that collagen, and at the same time, it stimulates the fiber blasts or the collagen-producing cells in the skin to actually create more collagen.

The Skin Tyte is most effective in the neck region, the abdomen, the thigh, and buttock region, and can be used in the area above the knees that begins to loosen with age. Typically, it takes between three and four procedures, and they take about twenty minutes. They are very comfortable, almost like a hot stone massage.

Dr. Merrick is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in disorders of the hand and general plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. His goal is to help every patient find solutions to their health and wellness concerns. Dr. Merrick has offices in Eau Claire, Cumberland, Hayward, Ladysmith, and Shell Lake.

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