Early Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Matters

Posted 5/17/2017

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Carpal tunnel is a constructional problem in the wrist. There is a tiny tunnel that a lot of things need to travel through, among those, a nerve. The nerve that travels through a tunnel doesn’t like to be crowded, and when there is a lot of pressure the nerve feels that.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be a mild nuisance, or it can be a problem that threatens limb or hand function, so it’s important to recognize it. The symptoms that people often experience are numbness and pain. But ultimately it can progress to loss of function in the hand.

It’s important to have someone evaluate the severity, examine your hand, and then decide what is most appropriate to be done if you are experiencing pain. In many cases, therapy is appropriate, but in some cases, you need to have it repaired to allow the nerve more room for better function.

For those patients for whom we determine surgery is appropriate, the carpal tunnel surgery is quite simple and straightforward. It can be done in a matter of about a half an hour. Recovery is only about two or three weeks, so it isn’t something that you should delay having treated.

Untreated carpal tunnel syndrome can result in permanent loss of form function; that can come in the form of sensory loss or numbness in your fingers, but worse carpal tunnel or nerve loss from carpal tunnel can result in the loss in function in the hand.

The key to carpal tunnel treatment is maximizing conservative therapy whenever we can before we move ahead to the surgical intervention. We always evaluate and choose the proper treatment for the degree of severity a patient is experiencing. 

Dr. Merrick is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in disorders of the hand and general plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. His goal is to help every patient find solutions to their health and wellness concerns. Dr. Merrick has offices in Eau Claire, Cumberland, Hayward, Ladysmith, and Shell Lake.

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