March 30th - National Doctor's Day

Posted 3/30/2018

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March 30th is National Doctors Day, and we’re celebrating with our own Dr. Merrick, digging a little deeper into why he loves being a doctor.

Dr. Merrick says he loves being a doctor, specifically a surgeon, because it gives him an opportunity to diagnose problems and then go in and fix them. "Being a doctor, like any profession, requires years to gain proficiency but a lifetime to master. The combination of mental stimulation and the satisfaction of using our hands rivals any profession."

Dr. Merrick also loves making a connection with his patients, and finding common understanding, adding, "Make no mistake, the commonalities that exist between the pipefitter or builder with an injury and the hand surgeon who fixes them after an injury are plentiful. Using this common ground and language of building and engineering, I feel I can bridge the gap of understanding that often exists between doctor and patient. Once a plumber understands that sewing two blood vessels together is essentially the same as connecting two pipes - a sense of peace and understanding is born."

Dr. Merrick decided to become a doctor because the collaboration of science, technology and skill existed in few other places, “But my love for medicine grew from my relationships with my patients and the challenge of making the complexities of medicine accessible to everyone." 

Thank you, Dr. Merrick, for all you contribute to our community! 

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