Celebrating National Doctors’ Day!

Posted 3/29/2019

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Wishing our wonderful Dr. Merrick a Happy National Doctors’ Day this Saturday, March 30th! Thank you for your continued compassion and quality service.

Dr. Merrick has been serving the Chippewa Valley with surgical services since 2005. When asked about his job, he saysThe most rewarding part of my job is meeting and talking with patients.   Communicating in a way that all people can understand is a challenge in every field.  In medicine it is especially important because of the difficult language and concepts.  As a physician describing problems and treatment options in an accessible way is so important not only to convey the information but to help decrease the anxiety and fear that all patients have about their health.”

Through educational videos and in-person consultations, Dr. Merrick is always striving to ensure his patients are well informed of all the best possible options they have before creating a treatment plan or scheduling a procedure. He has an inquisitive nature and he’s happy he can use his problem-solving skills to help people live their lives more freely.

Dr. Merrick is truly valued in our community as a trusted surgeon and caring person.

From functional to cosmetic surgeries, he’s here to help. Contact Merrick Plastic and Hand Surgery for a consultation today! 866.242.3499

Dr. Merrick is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in general plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. His goal is to help every patient find solutions to their health and wellness concerns. For more information, visit

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